Simple Class Generator for Actionscript 3.0

This application allows you to create Actionscript 3.0 bound movie clip classes or document classes in an wizard-like way.

  • Create Actionscript 3.0 classes that extend from MovieClip or Sprite.
  • Create public and private variables.
  • Create setter and getters for private variables.
  • Create public and private methods.
  • Create event functions.
  • Add custom actionscript code to your constructor, methods, event handlers and setters.
  • Add helpful code snippets.
  • Inspectable tags for component classes.
  • ASDoc tags for constructor and public methods.
  • Copy classes to your clipboard and save them in actionscript files (.as) for further editing in the Flash IDE.

Example of generated code:

 import flash.text.*;
 import flash.display.*;
 * This class was authored using Simple Class Generator
 * by Emmanuel Ulloa (
 * @author Your Name Here
 public class Window extends MovieClip {
  public var isOpen:Boolean = false;
  private var titleTextField:TextField = new TextField();
  public function Window(){
   trace("New Window Instance");
   close_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, close_btn_clickListener);
   background_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, background_mc_mouseDownListener);
   background_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, background_mc_mouseUpListener);
  * close(): description
  * @return void
  public function close():void{
   this.visible = false;
   isOpen = false;
  * open(): description
  * @return void
  public function open():void{
   this.visible = true;
   isOpen = true;
  private function close_btn_clickListener(e:MouseEvent):void{
  private function background_mc_mouseDownListener(e:MouseEvent):void{
  private function background_mc_mouseUpListener(e:MouseEvent):void{
  private var _titleText:String = "untitled";
  [Inspectable( name="titleText", type="String", defaultValue="untitled")]
  public function get titleText():String{ return _titleText; }
  public function set titleText(value:String):void{ 
    _titleText = value;
   titleTextField.text = _titleText;


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